Police carPeople in New Jersey may sue police departments for a number of reasons. Although these organizations are tasked with maintaining law and order and prioritizing safety, people can easily be harmed by officers. Some are struck by police vehicles, and these accidents can result in life-altering injuries. Sometimes, people are even killed by police vehicles. Individuals may also be shot by police under questionable circumstances, and gunshot wounds can also be fatal. Some victims are physically beaten by police officers in clear examples of excessive brutality. In many cases, these victims are only beaten because police misidentified them or pulled them over without reasonable cause for suspicion. There are many other reasons for potential lawsuits against police departments in New Jersey. 

The challenge with filing these lawsuits is simple: Police enjoy a considerable level of legal immunity. This immunity is intended to allow officers to carry out their duties without constantly being worried about lawsuits. However, some claim these protections go too far. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney is needed if you want to achieve real results. The good news is that there is no shortage of experienced personal injury attorneys in New Jersey, and many of these legal professionals are ready and waiting to assist you at a moment’s notice. Book a consultation with one of these lawyers, and you can immediately get to work with an effective action plan. 

Turnpike Authority Pays Family $1 Million After Teen Struck and Killed by Trooper

On July 27th, it was reported that the Turnpike Authority had agreed to pay a family $1 million for the death of their teen daughter, who was killed by an off-duty State Trooper. The 14-year-old was struck by the law enforcement officer as she was crossing the street in Westfield in 2017. She was quickly pronounced dead at the scene by first responders. As a result of this incident, the girl’s family sued the State Police, the state trooper, the Turnpike Authority, and Westfield High School. 

According to the lawsuit, the girl was participating in a school-sponsored scavenger hunt when she was struck. The implication is that the school did not observe proper safety policies and put students in risky situations. The trooper did not face any charges, despite the fact that the lawsuit presented evidence that he had been texting at the time of the crash. According to documents, text messages were sent two minutes before the first 9-1-1 call after the crash. 

The settlement was not without controversy, as authorities pointed out that the off-duty state trooper was not “on the clock” at the time of the crash, and the crash itself did not occur on Turnpike property. The key point here is that the trooper was driving a vehicle owned by the State Police. This, it seems, was enough to link the entire crash to government organizations in New Jersey. 

Paralyzed Police Victim Gets $10-Million Settlement

Earlier this year, it was reported that a paralyzed victim of a police beating had received a settlement worth $10 million. The lawsuit was filed against Camden County, the Camden County Police Department, an Assistant Chief of Police, a Police Chief, and three officers. The incident occurred back in 2014, when the victim encountered three police officers who confronted him as he exited a liquor store. For whatever reason, the victim decided to run into a nearby parking lot while being pursued by two officers.

He then decided to surrender, laying out in the street with his hands in front of him. The two officers jumped on top of the man and handcuffed him. At this point, the third officer arrived at the scene. All three officers were accused of stomping the victim’s neck and back and striking him continuously. At this point, the victim suffered an injury to his cervical spine and complained that he had lost feeling in his arms and legs. Despite these complaints, the officers failed to stabilize his spine and forcefully moved him. The victim is now a quadriplegic. 

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