Mountain bikes are expensive pieces of equipment, and cyclists depend on the quality of their manufacturing. If something goes wrong while riding, cyclists are at risk of serious injury or even death. Shock absorbers are a critical component of mountain bikes that ensure a smooth ride on difficult terrain.

The recent news of a Fox Factory recall highlights the problems that can be caused by faulty bicycle equipment. The defective parts do not affect one brand or model of bicycle, but every company that uses Fox shock absorbers.

When a consumer suffers an accident because of a poorly designed or manufactured piece of equipment, it can often be difficult to determine the liable party. That is because the manufacturers of complicated machines such as a bicycle rely on components from a multitude of vendors. If one of those components fails, it might be the fault of the individual vendor, the factory where it was assembled, or the company that designed the part in the first place.

This complicated product history can leave consumers at serious risk. If you are a cyclist who has suffered an injury because of a faulty shock absorber, you already know how difficult it can be to be properly compensated. At the same time, if you are the owner of a bike that has been recalled because of defective components, then you understand the inconvenience of having to return them to the place of purchase for it to be repaired.

Additionally, once the bike has been returned, can you be sure that riding it is completely safe? Consumers shouldn’t have to fear for their lives when using a bicycle that they have perhaps only recently purchased.

Bicycle and bicycle component manufacturers have a legal duty to produce safe bikes made of quality materials. In the case that a bike is flawed in such a way that it poses a danger to the cyclist, then the manufacturer is responsible for recalling the defective parts and fixing the problem.

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