American Dream Mall on Thin Ice After Fresh InjuriesOver the years, American Dream Mall in East Rutherford has struggled with a number of issues. Recently, a number of preventable injuries have put the entire business on thin ice. Injuries at malls across the United States are unfortunately quite common. These injuries might involve slips and falls on wet floors or icy parking lots. But perhaps the most serious injuries occur when malls attempt to create extremely ambitious projects, such as ski hills or elaborate decorations. Can you really sue a mall for injuries in New Jersey? What kind of compensation can you expect?

Government Officials Close Down American Dream Mall After Injuries

The American Dream Mall DreamWorks Water Park has been forced to close its doors while cooperating with a government investigation. This development comes after a decorative helicopter fell from a ceiling, toppling down into a swimming pool with people still in the water. A number of people were injured, and four people were hospitalized. The park was evacuated after this incident.

This is not the first time the American Dream Mall has experienced issues. The mall itself took almost 30 years to build, having first been conceptualized way back in 1991. When it did open, it did so at the worst possible time – in the beginning of the pandemic. A few years after opening, a fire broke out in its indoor ski resort, causing the mall to shut down for several weeks. No one was injured. Later in 2021, the mall reported nearly $60 million in losses – largely due to the pandemic. It was also reported that the company that owns the mall was struggling to pay a $1.7-billion loan for the building’s initial construction.

In December of 2022, a snowboarder lost his life while riding at the Big Snow indoor ski resort. The victim was later revealed to be a member of the National Guard. The fatality seems to have been caused by a fall, and the victim suffered a knock to the back of the head that ultimately proved fatal.

In 2023, the mall was sued by lenders who claimed breach of contract. This had to do with the failure to repay the initial construction loan of $1.7 billion.

It is not clear whether the injured victims will sue American Dream Mall for the helicopter decoration injury – but it is difficult to think of a reason why they would not. After all, a decoration that falls off a ceiling randomly seems an awful lot like negligence. The mall obviously owes its patrons a duty of care, and this includes making sure that objects do not fall on swimmers without warning.

When Can I Sue a Mal in New Jersey?

 You can sue malls in New Jersey for a wide range of reasons:

  • Slips and Falls: Perhaps the most obvious reason you can sue a mall in New Jersey is after a slip and fall. Victims can slip and fall in malls due to a wide range of hazards. A wet floor can cause patrons to slip and suffer head injuries, broken hips, and other fractures. An icy or snowy pathway or parking lot can cause equally traumatic injuries.
  • Negligent Security: Sometimes, victims can sue malls after being attacked, robbed, or harmed by criminals on their property. For these lawsuits to be successful, victims must show that the malls were aware or should have been aware of past criminal behavior and yet did nothing to address the issues.
  • Fire Injuries: Victims may also sue malls for injuries sustained in fires, especially if the malls failed to follow proper fire safety protocols.
  • Other Accidents: Aside from the examples listed above, victims may sue malls for virtually any injury imaginable as long as they can show their damages were caused by the mall’s negligence.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in New Jersey?

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