In cartoons, slip and fall accidents – usually involving a banana peel – are an old gag.  In real life, however, a slip and fall accident is no joke.  In a fall you could suffer a serious injury like fractured or dislocated bones, rehabilitation, and a lengthy healing period.

If you suffered broken bones in a slip and fall and you want to seek compensation from a negligent person or company who caused the accident, take the following steps:

Contact an Experienced Lawyer Immediately

In New Jersey, you have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit after an accident.  To protect your legal rights and help ensure you do not miss this important deadline, talk to an experienced Princeton slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

Don’t Agree to Anything Until Your Lawyer Reviews it First

The insurance company for the property owner, or the property owner themselves, may attempt to reach a settlement with you.  They may act as if they are genuinely concerned about your needs and may offer to pay your medical bills or other expenses directly related to the accident. While this can sound kind, don’t take any agreement until your lawyer looks at it first.  Remember: your needs after the accident include both the medical care you’ve already received and any care or support you will need in the future.  Your settlement should accurately reflect all your needs and losses.

Keep All Your Doctor’s Appointments

Be precise about attending all your doctor’s appointments, including appointments with therapists or specialists.  The more information you have about your condition, the more complete a case your lawyer can make for the compensation you deserve.

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