NJ Child Injury LawyerSpring has sprung in New Jersey at last.  Warmer weather and the promise of summer vacation mean that children all over the state are excitedly running around, kicking off their heavy winter shoes and socks, and paying little attention to what is on the floor or ground in front of them.

While it feels great to let loose after a long winter, kids can suffer a slip and fall injury as easily as adults on a wet or slippery surface.  Here are some easy ways to help the children you care for avoid a slip and fall accident.

First, remind kids to “look before you leap” – or step.  What’s on the ground beneath your feet when you’re getting out of the car?  Are there puddles on the sidewalk or in the walkways inside buildings?  Do you see any “Caution: Wet Floor” signs?  By turning awareness into a game, you can help kids pay attention to their surroundings and still have fun.

Next, practice the “penguin walk.”  If a surface looks slippery, teach kids to bend slightly forward, take shorter steps, or shuffle their feet to improve stability.  Teaching kids to pull in their arms and tuck their chins when they fall, as skaters do, can also help protect against more serious injuries.

Finally, remind children that even though the weather is nice, shoes are still a requirement for playing outdoors or walking in public areas.  Shoes can help prevent many types of foot injuries as well as a fall.

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