Fortunately, this winter has not been one for the record books. As opposed to last year’s “Snow-zilla” and “Snowpocalypse,” 2016 has been relatively mild. This is obviously a welcome relief for anyone that has to get into their car, bus, train, or cab and commute to work. Despite the relatively mild winter the Northeast just had, we’re still experiencing a decent amount of slush and rain. This means those same commuters are going to end up piling into large parking decks and even larger arrival points – such as work place parking garages, mall parking lots, and train station depots. As a result, many of the slip, trip, and fall accidents that we encounter are connected to these often-slippery spots.

But what makes these parking lots and garages so slick? Obviously it depends on the situation, but here are some common reasons why parking decks end up more like ice rinks:

Age – The fact is the older large concrete structures get, the more they crack. When they crack water can seep in and form puddles on the various floors. Depending on where the water falls it could end up turning entire stairwells and hallways into sheets of ice.

Construction – In some situations, parking garages are just designed badly. They don’t have enough spouting, the floors are sloped and end up pooling water or the whole structure is just a giant sieve, leaking water onto the freezing sidewalks below.

Management – A parking deck may be brand new and the latest in all-weather design. But if the company managing the parking lot does not take care of it, it can be come a slippery mess very quickly. Even the nicest location needs a little upkeep now and again, with New Jersey parking lots being no different.

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