New Jersey Slip Trip FallLonger days, warmer temperatures, and blooming plant life all mean one thing in New Jersey: spring is here.

While many New Jersey workers know that winter snow and ice can make walkways and parking lots slippery, fewer people consider how springtime’s warming temperatures can also increase the risk of slip and fall accidents at work. Yet every year, experienced New Jersey icy sidewalk slip and fall accident lawyers meet many residents who suffered serious injury because someone responsible for a property didn’t deal with the slip and fall risks until it was too late.

Here are some of springtime’s biggest slip and fall risks – and ways to protect yourself:

  • Melting/freezing cycles. In spring, daytime temperatures may rise above freezing, only to plunge back into the low 30s at night. This means that snow and ice might melt during the day, only to re-freeze at night. Pay attention to where you step, and remember that ice might still lurk in the evening, early morning, and in shaded areas.
  • Mud and slush. All the melting snow and spring rain mean muddy, slushy walkways indoors and out. Wearing waterproof footwear with good treads and walking more slowly can help you avoid a slip, trip, or fall in springtime mud or slush. If you’re responsible for a property, use non-slip mats or surfaces and clean walkways frequently.
  • Broken pavement and potholes. As the ground thaws, sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways can crack and shift, causing uneven ground, breaks, and potholes – all of which can easily cause you to trip. Take some time to get familiar with changes in the places you walk frequently, and report any broken or uneven walkways to the appropriate authorities as soon as you spot them.

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