For many of us, whether we like it or not, New Jersey Transit is the only way to go. Driving isn’t an option for most of the bridge-and-tunnel types, and riding a bike or walking to work can be impossible when the weather doesn’t hold up. So, New Jersey Transit becomes the only way in and out of work, school, and home. In most cases, this isn’t much of an issue. There are the occasional delays and closed stations, but (for the most part) New Jersey Transit makes your monthly pass worth it.

But, when the weather gets ugly – especially in situations that we encountered this winter – even the best public transportation can find itself in trouble. When is the last time you stepped onto a train platform or entrance and found yourself clinging to whatever was nearby because you slipped? It is so common that most people don’t even think twice about it. But, they should. A slip, trip, or fall on a train platform or train doorway can lead to serious, if not life threatening, injuries. When you heading to your local station this winter, consider the following tips:

  • Walk, don’t run – There will be days when you are running late. That doesn’t mean you should risk your life, or the lives of others, by sprinting on a station platform.
  • Stand away from the platform’s edge – We’ve all heard the announcement. But that doesn’t mean we all pay attention to what is being said. Be sure to stand a safe distance away from the track’s edge. This is especially true when the rubber safety strips are wet.
  • Don’t push – Shoving your way onto any train is no way to behave, but especially when snow or rain is falling. Wait your turn and let other, less mobile folks, in front of you.

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