Recently, an out-of-state truck driver was heading down Route 31 in New Jersey when his truck left the road and hit a tree, killing the driver instantly. This is tragic news, and just one of the many truck accidents that happen all too often on New Jersey’s highways.

When tractor trailers are in accidents, the consequences are usually much more severe than if the accident had involved a passenger vehicle. But, how do trucks get into accidents in the first place? The sad truth is that even though big rig drivers are highly trained, sometimes accidents do still happen. And when they do, they can often be traced back to one of these three most common causes for New Jersey big rig accidents:

Exhausted drivers: It’s true that government regulations have changed the way truckers drive, so they can’t push themselves to the limits they once did. Still, truck drivers only make money when they’re logging miles, so they continue to push through, even when they’re so exhausted they can barely keep their eyes open. This kind of exhaustion can lead to mistakes and, unfortunately, sometimes that mistake is a tragic accident.

Dangerous incentives: It’s not only the truck driver that makes money while they’re out on the road – they’re also making money for the owner of the company they’re driving for. And some companies like to give truck drivers additional incentives to get where they’re going faster, even if it means bending the law when it comes to things like speed limits and time on the road. These incentives are incredibly enticing for the truck driver, whether they’re fat bonuses or more vacation time, but they can be dangerous, too and can cause the driver to drive too fast, or try to drive through the exhaustion mentioned above.

Shifting loads: The loads a tractor trailer carries can be enormous and incredibly heavy. Although most of the time they’re tied down very well to prevent any slipping or moving while in transit, shifting loads can easily cause a trailer to jack-knife, which is one of the main causes of big rig accidents.

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