South Brunswick, NJ (September 25th, 2021) – Investigators from South Brunswick Police continue to look into a deadly rear-end semi-truck accident that happened Friday evening on Route 130.

According to authorities, police officers were dispatched at 7:16 p.m. to an accident involving a large commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, which happened on Route 130 south at the intersection of Deans Rhode Hall Rd.

Upon their arrival, officers discovered a Dodge Dart that had run into the back of a Volvo semi-truck. The person driving the Dodge was pronounced dead at the scene. The semi-truck operator was not harmed in the collision.

Based on preliminary investigations, it was determined that the semi-truck was stopped at the traffic light when the person driving the Dodge ran under the rear of the semi.

The New Jersey State Department of Transportation along with the South Brunswick EMS, Monmouth Junction Fire Department, and the Middlesex County Medical Examiner all responded to the accident scene. The southbound lanes of the highway were shut down for approximately five hours during the investigations.

The person driving the Dodge is being identified only as a 52-year-old male from Somerset County. The identity of the semi-truck driver has not been identified. The cause of the accident has not yet been determined. Anyone with information regarding this accident is being asked to contact South Brunswick Police Traffic Safety.

Large commercial trucks are a vital part of life in America. As essential as these vehicles are, they can cause devastating accidents on the road. The size and weight discrepancy between semi-trucks and regular passenger vehicles place those traveling in the smaller vehicle at risk of serious injuries when involved in an accident. Even when it is the smaller vehicle that collides into the semi-truck, the consequences can be catastrophic.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over two million rear-end accidents occur across the country each year. While many people involved in these accidents walk away unscathed, others suffer serious injuries that lead to a lifetime of hardships, incapacity, or even death. After an accident, people who suffered catastrophic injuries may have the opportunity to seek compensation for their injuries.

The State of New Jersey requires that all motorists operate their vehicles with utmost caution in order to avoid causing an accident and harming themselves and others. When colliding with another vehicle, this may constitute a breach of duty in most rear-end accidents, as the trailing driver is usually to blame for the accident. It is important to note, however, that there are exceptions to this rule.

The vehicle trailing behind may not bear full responsibility for the rear-end accident when the vehicle ahead was malfunctioning but its driver failed to pull over and turn on the hazard lights. Also, the driver ahead may be to blame when his or her vehicle had broken tail lights, turn signals, or brake lights.

Aside from the other driver, third-party liability is common among trucking accidents. For example, rear-end accidents can happen when the road has not been properly cleaned after a spill that made the road slick and slippery. Likewise, the road can become dangerous when there are excessive potholes or other conditions that make it difficult to drive and stop safely.

In the aforementioned circumstances, the party responsible for maintaining the road can be held liable for the accident; therefore, will bear responsibility for the victim’s injuries and financial losses. With that said, every truck accident in New Jersey is different and it is important to investigate all possible liable parties in order to obtain compensation after the accident. Even when the driver traveling behind is the one who caused the accident, compensation may still be obtained from the other parties involved.

Truck accidents are complicated and establishing liability is not always so straightforward. If you or a loved one recently experienced an accident with a semi and suffered serious injuries, talk to an experienced attorney who can help you investigate the accident. Consider taking immediate action after the accident – cases involving certain parties can be subject to strict deadlines. The sooner you have a skilled litigator working on your side, the better opportunity you have at recovering the monetary compensation you deserve.

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