Truck accidents in New Jersey are dangerous enough, but the addition of fire makes these collisions exponentially more hazardous. Even if motorists survive the initial impact of a semi-truck, they may become immobilized, stuck, paralyzed, or unconscious soon thereafter. All it takes is a small spark to ignite a truck’s gas tank. From that point onward, the trapped motorist’s chance of survival plummets. With the crash scene suddenly covered in flames, fatalities and catastrophic injuries are almost inevitable. A recent incident shows just how dangerous fiery truck accidents can be in New Jersey

New Jersey Truck Accident “Sent Fireball into the Sky”

Three Killed in Fiery Truck Accident in New JerseyIn April of 2024, CBS News reported that a commercial truck had smashed into a van in South Brunswick, causing a detonation that killed three people. The truck in question was hauling an extremely heavy concrete wall, and police say it slammed into the van at a high velocity. The collision was so intense that it sent a fireball shooting into the sky. 

After colliding with the van, the flatbed truck continued onward and struck two additional vehicles. In its wake, it left a trail of wreckage and fire that spanned 200 yards. The truck then caught fire, eventually burning to a crisp and leaving virtually nothing behind except for the concrete slab. First responders and witnesses attempted to fight the blaze, but it was simply too intense. Eventually, they managed to pull three deceased individuals out of the van. 

Later, police confirmed that the van was operated by an adult daycare center. Two of the deceased individuals had disabilities, while the third was an employee of the organization. Police also stated that they were investigating the crash further, although they did not reveal the cause of the accident. The driver of the flatbed truck managed to extricate himself from his crashed vehicle before the flames became too intense. 

Fiery truck crashes are becoming all too common in New Jersey. Days after this incident, a fuel tanker truck crashed into an SUV in Elizabeth and sparked another detonation. Thankfully, there were no casualties on this occasion – and the various occupants seem to have escaped with no major injuries. However, things could have been much worse. Unlike a typical semi-truck, a tanker truck carries high quantities of flammable fuel. As a result, there is a much higher risk of a major explosion. 

Fiery Truck Accidents Can Be Life-Altering for Motorists and Their Families

A fiery truck accident can change your life forever. After a crash of this nature, you may struggle with debilitating, disabling, and disfiguring injuries. The obvious example is a serious burn. These injuries can be excruciatingly painful, and they may leave permanent blemishes. Despite the best efforts of doctors (including reconstructive surgeons), burns can permanently alter one’s appearance. 

The long-term effects of serious burns can be quite severe. The area may be stiff or numb, and this may never improve. Patients might also struggle with dry skin in the affected area. But perhaps the most serious long-term effects of burns are psychological. Burn patients may never truly regain the self-esteem they once had. This may cause depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, and difficulty forming relationships.

A disfiguring burn may also affect your career opportunities. Statistics have shown that people with more aesthetically pleasing appearances tend to enjoy more career opportunities. They also tend to earn more than others. Some careers rely heavily on one’s image. For example, you might have been a dancer, performer, realtor, actor, or sales professional prior to the accident. Your career may prove impossible with disfiguring burns. 

Fortunately, an experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer can help plaintiffs pursue the compensation they need to cover these losses after fiery truck accidents. Disfigurement is a separate, “non-economic damage” for accident plaintiffs, and it applies to serious, permanent burns. Plaintiffs may receive higher levels of compensation for their burns, and this compensation may be above and beyond economic damages like missed wages or medical costs. 

Find a Truck Accident Lawyer in New Jersey

Compensation for a fiery truck accident in New Jersey may be easier to achieve than you realize. If you have lost a loved one to one of these crashes, you can file a wrongful death claim with help from an experienced injury lawyer. If you are struggling with disfiguring burns and other serious injuries, your lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve. Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. has spent years fighting for injured plaintiffs like you – and we have a history of securing multi-million-dollar settlements. Reach out today to get started with an action plan

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