Many people assume that truckers lose their licenses after just one serious accident. However, federal and state authorities often give truckers second, third, and even fourth chances. Unfortunately, a nationwide trucker shortage may make regulatory organizations more reluctant than ever to revoke trucking licenses. A recent case shows that even after numerous crashes and DUIs, a trucker licensed in New Jersey was able to stay on the road. Although this trucker was eventually “shut down” by transportation authorities, he was able to endanger numerous lives before being stripped of his license. What can you do if you were injured in a New Jersey trucking accident?

New Jersey Trucker Shut Down After Rear-End Hit-and-Run

New Jersey Trucker Finally Taken Off the Road After a String of IncidentsIn late April of 2024, it was reported that a trucker licensed in New Jersey had been “shut down” by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). Although the final straw was a hit-and-run, the trucker had committed numerous DUIs over the years – leaving the federal agency with no choice but to take away his license. When you consider the number of violations this trucker committed over the years, you have to wonder how he managed to keep his license for so long. 

The incident that ultimately ended his trucking career occurred in Oregon. The trucker rear-ended another vehicle on Highway 10 and subsequently attempted to flee the scene. However, police eventually tracked down the vehicle (an easy feat considering the size of a semi-truck) and pulled him over. After looking inside the cab, they found a bottle of vodka and subsequently charged the driver with driving under the influence (DUI). In addition to this charge, the trucker was put out of service by the FMSCA, which specifically told him to stay off the roads. 

Despite this clear order, the trucker went back to work later that day. He was spotted by a sheriff’s deputy and attempted to flee but was ultimately apprehended. Once again, there were visible signs of intoxication – and the trucker recorded a BAC of 0.07 after testing. Although this is under the normal limit of 0.08, truckers are subject to stricter standards compared to other drivers – with a maximum BAC of just 0.04. In other words, the trucker was almost twice the legal limit. 

This day of drunken misconduct was bad, but it was not the trucker’s first legal issue. Back in 2023, he was taken into custody after driving erratically in Arizona and subsequently recorded a BAC of .111. Based on this pitiful record, the FMSCA is now working directly with the State of New Jersey to have the trucker’s CDL (commercial driver’s license) permanently revoked. The FMSCA also stated that the trucker showed a “blatant disregard” for the safety of others and that his actions “substantially increased” the chances of serious injuries or deaths. 

One can only hope that this trucker decides to obey the various sanctions against him. He has already disregarded orders to stay off the road once, and he may do so again. There is no word on the condition of the injured motorist in Oregon, but whiplash is likely at least. It is something of a miracle that this negligent trucker injured just one person during his drunken escapades across the country. 

How Can I Sue for a Truck Accident in New Jersey?

If a trucking company hires a trucker with a terrible driving record, they must shoulder some of the fault when people inevitably become injured. Poor hiring practices put everyone in danger, and a nationwide trucking shortage is no excuse. Trucking companies can be held liable for all actions taken by their truckers on the road – even if they previously had clean records. If you were injured by a drunk trucker, proving negligence will likely be extremely easy – especially if you work alongside qualified, experienced truck accident lawyers in New Jersey. 

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