As we all know, personal injury accidents can happen anywhere at any time. All it takes is one negligent individual to turn a situation bad or even deadly. At Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. we’ve seen first hand the destruction an out of control individual can have and the tragic consequences they can leave in their wake. Unfortunately, one of the more common results of such reckless behavior is wrongful death. An accident can be considered a wrongful death case if it was caused by someone’s negligent actions.

Most Common Wrongful Death Causes

Everyday loved ones and family members lose their lives to careless people who failed to take other’s safety into account. But while accidents that lead to wrongful death can happen just about anywhere, there are a few circumstances that are more common than others. Here are the three we encounter quite often:

Motor Vehicle Collision – A speeding car. A drunk driver. A moment of road rage. Driving on New Jersey roads can be dangerous enough with all the construction and bad weather – and negligent drivers only compound the problem. If one of these individuals kills someone while acting out, they can be held accountable.
Medical Malpractice – When we go under the knife, we literally put our lives into our doctor’s hands. The same could be said anytime we obtain a prescription, stay in a hospital, or take any advice from a medical professional. Should said professionals fail to maintain a standard of care and cause fatal injury to a patient, they could be facing a medical malpractice suit.
Construction Accident – Anyone who has ever spent time on a construction site – even around their own home – knows how dangerous they can be. There is a very good reason construction workers are required to wear hard hats and harnesses. Unfortunately, all the protection in the world cannot stop a negligent individual from causing catastrophic harm to another worker. Depending on the situation, a wrongful death claim can be brought against any firm or third party contractor that causes a worker’s death.

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