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A New Jersey company which makes automotive sensors that help in reducing traffic accidents is suing auto makers General Motors Corporation and a unit of Honda Motor Co. over patent infringement.

The company, Automotive Technologies International Inc. (ATI), says that it has the patent on several sensors which can help in detecting child-safety seats, the weight of a passenger, and also control side airbag deployment. David Breed, head of ATI in New Jersey, said that the devices are being used in cars manufactured by GM and Honda without ATI’s approval.

These safety devices and other advancements in automotive technology have decreased the number of highway deaths throughout the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released reports detailing the decreases which they say are the lowest number of fatalities in about ten years.

There have been no comments from the auto giants who allegedly are in breach of contract over their use of ATI’s technologies. The suit has been filed in the US District Court in Wilmington, Delaware. The lawsuit alleges a violation of some 11 patents that are currently held by the New Jersey Company.

ATI makes, and is in the beginning stages of manufacturing, several types of auto safety features and devices. Some of these are safer and better airbags which deploy not only when a car is struck but also take into account the passenger they are deploying against. Since many people can be injured, or even killed, from faulty airbags or false deployments, these so-called “Smart” airbags would be an enhanced addition to auto safety worldwide.

Because of all of the new technologies surrounding the auto industry the number of injuries because of them has also been on the rise, however. Many auto safety devices are designed for use in certain types of vehicles only but are sometimes used on other types of vehicles where they may not function in the correct manner. Because of this possibility, the ATI lawsuit against the auto makers may ensure that the devices are legally installed and operating only in vehicles that they are supposed to be in.

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