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A car wreck is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person. Just a few harsh seconds can have a lasting impact on the rest of your life. You can suffer devastating injuries, which lead to astronomical medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering. And sadly, not all car or truck accident victims receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and other losses related to the wreck.

If you have been involved in a vehicle collision that was caused by another driver, call (609) 240-0040 to schedule a free consultation with Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C. Our South Brunswick personal injury lawyers can help you understand what compensation you should receive, and how to pursue action against the responsible driver.

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What to Do After a South Brunswick Township Car Accident

From the first seconds after any car accident, it is important that you protect your rights. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and that does not happen when they pay out on claims.

For this reason, you need to be very careful about any information you provide, especially at the scene of the crash.

  • Never admit fault for the crash or any part of it.
  • Never question your own thoughts or actions to other people out loud.
  • Do not discuss possible causes of the accident with bystanders or other drivers involved in the crash.
  • Only provide your name and insurance information to the police or drivers involved in the crash.
  • Provide details of the crash to your insurance company, but do not volunteer any theories you might have about fault.
  • Do not discuss the crash with other drivers’ insurance companies.
  • Do not sign anything from an insurance company before you consult with a lawyer.

Sadly, insurance companies are known for manipulating the information you give them to avoid paying out on claims. In addition, details that you provide at the scene can sometimes be used out of context to avoid accountability on another driver’s part.

You are upset and may even be in shock after a violent car crash. Under these circumstances, you might not be thinking clearly. It is best to say nothing until you have time to calm down and collect your thoughts, and talked to an attorney.

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Seeking Compensation

As a premier New Jersey personal injury law firm, Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., has the expertise to guide you through this difficult time in your life. We understand you are facing not only the challenges of your physical recovery but also concerns about your financial well-being. And battling with an insurance company can make these challenges appear even more daunting.

But you can begin to relax once you have our lawyers working to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. These damages could include:

  • Repairs or replacement of your vehicle
  • Lost wages, if your injuries prevent you from working
  • Medical expenses, including emergency room treatment, therapy, medication, and counseling for emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering related to your injuries, as well as any scarring or disfigurement
  • Loss of future income, if you are unable to return to work

You might also be eligible for punitive damages if the at-fault driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As the victim of a car or bike accident in South Brunswick, your life has certainly changed, and it could be altered for the rest of your life. With over two decades of experience protecting the rights of accident victims just like you, Lependorf & Silverstein, P.C., is the law firm you need to handle your case. Call (609) 240-0040 today so that you can focus on moving past this tragic event.

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The firm’s principals, Gabriel R. Lependorf and David E. Silverstein, have each been representing injured victims in the State of New Jersey for over thirty years.

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