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Dangerous road conditions in New Jersey can make it difficult for any driver to successfully, and safely, navigate the road. For cumbersome trucks though, trucks that often weigh tens of thousands of pounds, dangerous road conditions pose an even greater risk of causing an accident. Because of their sheer size, trucks are capable of creating massive destruction on the road, putting all other vehicles at greater risk for serious injury.

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Common Dangerous Road Conditions

For large trucks especially, dangerous road conditions can take on a variety of forms:

  • Lack of guard rails
  • Short ramps, both entrance and exit, that pose difficulty for merging traffic
  • Lack of lane reflectors to improve visibility during nighttime driving
  • Poorly paved, uneven roads

Truck drivers have to be very attentive to the road in order to remain safe. New Jersey motorists have to be mindful of trucks when entering and exiting freeways and interstates, particularly since it is so difficult for trucks to maneuver in tighter areas and it takes longer for them to come to a complete stop when braking. Because of their considerable blind spots, large trucks are more prone to side swiping other vehicles than smaller cars are. At night time, reflectivity of the road is particularly important when you take blind spots into account. In order for maximum safety, roads have to be well-lit and reflected to ensure motorist safety, especially when large trucks are present.

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NJ State and City Negligence

Road conditions are supposed to be maintained by local city governments, but often time negligence comes into play. Poorly paved roads, obscured signage, and other hazards that could be easily corrected are unnecessary, added obstacles that motorists must overcome in addition to all the other dangers of the road. Factor in the wide turns and heavy cargo of large trucks, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Dangerous road conditions affecting a large truck will affect all of the motorists around that truck. For trucks, it is important that all necessary safety precautions are taken to ensure the well-being of the other motorists on the road. Uneven roads are difficult to maneuver on for any motorist, but for large truck drivers, uneven roads can be especially tricky. With large, heavy cargos, a long vehicle body and multiple wheels, it takes one false move for a large truck to cause an accident on an unpaved road.

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