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Trucks pulling trailers are prone to a type of accident that no other type of vehicle on the road can have, a jackknife accident. A jackknife crash is essentially a tractor-trailer type truck that has lost control. When the driver loses control of the front portion of the truck, the tractor, it can skid. The trailer still has quite a bit of momentum and speed built up. While the tractor is out of control, the trailer keeps moving forward. This leaves the truck bent at a severe angle in the middle where the tractor and the trailer are hitched together. The whole unit can then continue to slide out of control with the cab facing backwards and the trailer leading or sliding sideways down the road.

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Dangerous New Jersey Road Conditions

A jackknifed tractor-trailer creates an incredibly hazardous road condition. Cars traveling behind are likely to plow into the broadside of the trailer and possibly find themselves pinned underneath as in an underride collision. Jackknifed trailers can easily spill their cargo, which can create dangerous obstacles on the road or expose everyone to hazardous materials. The truck can also cross highway medians into oncoming traffic.

Highways are the most common place for jackknife accidents, and highway speeds unfortunately translate into worse injuries. Severe traumatic brain injury, lost limbs and fatalities are not uncommon in highway collisions with large trucks. Accidents like these can have life changing effects.

All large truck accidents are terrifying for passenger car drivers and passengers. If an accident leaves you with permanent disabilities, the future can be equally as frightening. If a jackknifed trailer caused a crash that took a loved one’s life, you will be in shock and grieving. In your time of need, you need trusted support, and skilled legal representation from a New Jersey personal injury attorney is very important.

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